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Monday, March 30, 2015

Thunderbabe! Tanusha Kyrano.

Well, Triple P is looking forward to the new animated Thunderbirds are Go! which started on Saturday and we hope they don't mess it up.  So far the clips we have seen look encouraging and it is a master stroke to bring back David Graham to voice Parker.  Apparently, the show is full of little references to the original series which Triple P loved when it first came out a terrifying fifty years ago.  Somewhere there is a picture of a five year old Triple P with an International Rescue hat!  

The special effects are by Weta Workshop, although this is not necessarily a guarantee of quality, as a lot of their CGI in the The Hobbit films was awful.  Interestingly, the sets will be miniatures with the characters and craft CGI.   We found the miniature sets in the original Lord of the Rings films far superior to the all CGI ones in The Hobbit. The biggest negative for Triple P will be the lack of Barry Gray's stupendous music: some of the best TV incidental music ever written.   

It being the twenty-first century we have to have some fiesty female characters added, to give the girls (and some boys!) someone of interest to root for.  Principal among these is Tanusha "Kayo" Kyrano the Tracy's Head of Security.  She also brings some ethnic diversity into the cast and appears to have been modelled on Angelina Jolie.

Originally her forbear, Tin-Tin Kyrano, was supposed to be a gifted scientist but in the 1960s show from fifty years ago she seemed to mainly make the coffee and be Alan Tracy's girlfriend (even though he looked completely gay).  Originally a Malaysian, in the dreadful live action film of 2004 she was Indian, as played by Vanessa Hudgens.  

They have dropped the Tin-Tin name (probably to avoid confusion with the Belgian boy detective) but Tanusha is, again, an Indian name, although her actual nationality hasn't been made clear.  It would have been more interesting to have her as a Malaysian as there are plenty of Indian characters on British TV.

Anyway, for Triple P it is all about the Thunderbird craft and they have updated them in a reasonably subtle way, although we don't like the new Thunderbird 2 which was a design classic (as was Thunderbird 3).  The new Thundervird 5 owes nothing to the original but Gerry Anderson hated the Thunderbird 5 from his original series so that isn't such a bad thing.



  1. Oh my GAWD! I thought that I was the only person, or certainly the only American, to have ever seen the original Thunderbirds TV series from the 1960's! And it was only to be found, some forty-five years ago, on a very old and not very powerful TV station from Los Angeles, KHJ-TV 9, if I remember correctly. This station was one of the oldest stations on the "dial" TV channel selector, as can be deduced from the fact that it had only three letters in its "call-sign". Almost all American TV stations used four letters by this time, the late sixties to early seventies, and into the eighties and nineties. Anyway, I was really impressed and baffled by the "Super-Marionation" used to make the puppets move around, and even dance on occasion, and I could not always figure out how they did it so well, and seemingly so fluidly, as I had seen other "live" performances by marionettes, and these were quite jerky and even clumsy shows, sometimes even ending up in a tangled disaster, which was always funny. But the Thunderbirds were in a whole other class, a quantum leap beyond what I had seen in Nursery School and Kindergarten. I even had a small collection of "Dinky-Toys" that included the Thunderbird 2/ Thunderbird 4 combination, as well as the Spectrum Security Vehicle, or something similar, I can't recall the exact name, and a PINK limousine that fired rockets out of its rear end, and may have been called something like "Miss Penelope's Car", or a similar sounding moniker. I also had "Ed Straker's Car" and an "Interceptor" rocket fighter with a big rocket up front that was spring loaded, which I think were from an English TV series called UFO. So, I guess the point I am tangentially approaching is that I am very glad to have not been the only boy in the world, and probably not the only boy in America, who ever enjoyed and appreciated the Thunderbirds during the late sixties, or really the early seventies in the USA, during their heyday. Your latest blog posting really triggered some very early childhood memories, half-forgotten, from long ago, at least relative to my age!

  2. Your taste in TV and toys is admirable. Thunderbirds was and is HUGE in Britain, not least because the original series was re-run for successive generations so everyone here knows about it. It was the first hour long British series made in colour as it was aimed at the American market.

    The pink Rolls-Royce was FAB1, Lady Penelope's car, so your memory is good! UFO was Gerry Anderson's first live action series and is now something of a cult classic (especially its title sequence which is a masterpiece) It is quite dark but featured some superb women such as Gabrielle Drake who you can see on this blog here: