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Monday, March 9, 2015

Victoria Pendleton to take up horse racing

Possessor of Agent Triple P's favourite sporting posterior, Olympic gold medal winning track cyclist Victoria Pendleton has announced that she is taking up National Hunt (over the jumps) horse racing.   Thirty-four year old Pendleton is aiming to compete in the 2016 Cheltenham Festival.

Although we are worried about the dangers of this activity it will be splendid to see La Pendleton in tight breeches, taut thighs braced and wielding a riding whip.  As Shakespeare would no doubt have said: "Oh lucky horse to bear the weight of Victoria!"

Following her retirement from cycling after the 2012 Olympics she bemoaned the loss of muscle in her thighs so it is good to see her choosing a sport which will keep her nether regions nicely toned once more!   Good luck Victoria!


  1. This Lady has much larger gluteus maximus, quadriceps and calf muscles than most men have! And you are right, Agent Triple P, she does have a nice, quite muscular, arse. I wonder how much she can squat?

  2. The thought of her squatting is more than I can take!