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Monday, March 2, 2015

What's on the box?

The box is something of an old fashioned term for TV these days, given that most people have decidedly unbox-like flat screen TVs.  Triple P's friend Agent DVD has an old Sony 37" CRT TV stuck in his dining room and keeps asking if Triple P would like it. This is very kind but although we might have a slot for it upstairs it weighs 100kg which makes the prospect of lugging it upstairs not very appealing!

Anyway, Triple P watches nearly all of his TV shows as DVD boxed (not 'box') sets but his comparatively new fibreoptic cable system does make it much easier to record (we still use the word 'tape'!) programmes currently showing, without having to wait for the DVDs to come out.

Still, there are comparatively few dramas we watch regularly on TV but here they are.  Illustrated with some of the lovely actresses involved.

Wolf Hall (Series two)

Jessica Raine as Jane Boleyn

Much heralded but glacially slow Tudor drama.  We have managed to watch the first two (of six) programmes but now need to catch up on the last four (it finished last week) with the person we have been watching them with. Caused a stir in Britain the other week when a character used the word 'cunt' (in a perfectly, historically accurate anatomical sense).  Still, prudes were shocked.  A new series is likely if the show does as well at awards time as the BBC hope.

Indian Summers (Series one)

Amber Rose Revah in Indian Summers

Sumptuously produced and beautifully filmed original drama about the British in the Indian hill station of Simla in the nineteen thirties.  They have managed to make each character in the large ensemble cast  identifiably distinct, which is a great achievement.  There has been one sensual scene in each episode so far; nudity free but quite erotic nonetheless.  The scene where one of the leading male characters is patently fingering a lady underneath her dress was surprisingly frank for this sort of show. Hopefully, the programme will continue for the planned future series and, indeed series two was commissioned a couple of days ago.

Mr Selfridge (Series three)

Kara and Hannah Tointon in Mr Selfridge

Downmarket Downton, but this series has shown some new great CGI shots of Oxford street and the Selfridge store.  This new season features the delicious Tointon sisters, although we might have hoped for a few lingerie sccnes for them a la Lesley-Anne Down in Upstairs Dowstairs!  The next series is likely to be the last, according to creator Andrew Davies who only ever conceived four series.

The Musketeers (Series two)

Charlotte Salt: the thigh's the limit

Created, oddly, by the man responsible for time travelling dinosaur drama, Primeval, this second series is more spectacular, more violent and has had some nicely sensual scenes, thanks to it's new post 9.00 pm time slot.  Charlotte Salt's scene in a window providing a particularly effective paean to the erotic power of the back of the thighs.  A third series has just been announced. 

Atlantis (Series two)

Aiysha Hart

Nicely produced (although they did seem to be trekking through exactly the same wood in every episode) this show (very) loosely based on ancient Greek legends never really settled on its style.  Always fun to watch with some nice wine, and a few olives (they ate a lot of olives in this programme), the second season has been better but not enough to save itself from cancellation, sadly.  Annoyingly, they showed half of the series and then went in for the strange American habit of stopping it for a couple of months before showing the second half of the series.  The last seven episodes are due to be shown in the spring.  Sadly, they will probably spend the budget on more grim crime dramas which the BBC loves.  Triple P doesn't want to watch contemporary shows about criminals and policemen. We really don't!  We want sunshine and pretty girls in floaty dresses, sword fights, ancient palaces and olives! 

Gotham (Season one)

Gotham's pint-sized Camren Bicondova

We have really enjoyed this Batman origins show, which has been visually strong and interestingly cast.  Like most American shows it went into a hiatus (why do they do this?) but the second half of the season is due to start showing this month.  Has been successful in the US so the first season was extended and a second series commissioned. 

Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (Season two)

A couple of improvements to the S.H.I.E.L.D. universe

Triple P knows nothing of the comic book characters, other than what we have gleaned from the various Avengers films, so miss a lot of the background and don't recognise some of the characters.  The last episode before the break was totally confusing and we had no idea what was going on so, hopefully, there will be some recap when it returns this month.  We won't know if it has been renewed until around May.  Sadly, no one in the UK bought the Agent Carter spin-off, with the delicious Hayley Atwell, which filled the gap in the schedule in the US.  Let's hope we can eventually get it on DVD.

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