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Thursday, May 21, 2015

More of Ola!

Triple P's favourite Polish dancer, Ola Jordan, has been out and about recently and generating comments that her rather full figure must mean that she is pregnant,  Engagingly, Ola, who is recovering from what was thought to be a career ending knee injury, has just scotched the rumours by tweeting "I'm just FAT!!".  Well done, Ola, and all the fat is beautifully distributed too!

Since she injured her leg while training for winter sports reality competition The Jump last year, Ola has been having daily physiotherapy.  

The good news is that it has worked and the BBC have just announced that she will be back as one of the professional dancers in the 2015 series of Strictly Come Dancing.  Her new series publicity shot has just been released.

Also returning will be the luscious Aliona Vilani, who needs rather less PhotoShop than some of the others.  In her new publicity picture she looks like a delicious coffee sundae.  Lick, lick!

Siberian tigress Kristina Rihannoff also returns with what looks like a completely new face. Make-up, PhotoShop and perhaps a little more.

The BBC haven't released an official shot of new female dancer Otlile Mabuse yet because she was still appearing in the German equivalent of StrictlyLet's Dance, until celebrity her partner was knocked out last week.  She is South African and has a degree in civil engineering, which makes her unusual for a Strictly professional!  She is also Strictly's first black professional dancer.  Not that the BBC say that because in BBC land you can't admit that some people have different coloured skin.  We thinks she looks very cute.

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