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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Return of Nashville

Connie Britton and Hayden Panettiere - mature woman v perky girl -who can choose between them?

Of all the guilty pleasure TV Agent Triple P watches, the most guilty of them all must be Country & Western soap, er, drama, Nashville which returns to UK TV tonight with Season 3.

We are not a particular fan of country music (which has a very uncool reputation as the music of sad losers in Britain - when Shania Twain hit it big a few years ago the UK mixes of her albums had all the C&W instruments removed to make it more acceptable to the UK market) although we do have 137 tracks of it in our iTunes.  Much of that, we have to admit, is from the Nashville soundtrack CDs.  No, we like Nashville because it reminds us of the heady days of Dallas in our past, where quite often you would get to the end of an episode and there would be some ludicrously theatrical revelation.  As our fellow Dallas-watching girlfriend at the time used to say, it's "ooh, er" television - a rather old fashioned British exclamation of surprise.  Nashville gets Triple P uttering "ooh, er!" at the end of its episodes more than any other show.  

Tonight we will be watching it with our lady friend A and she is planning unhealthy American-style snacks (actually, aren't all American snacks unhealthy by definition?).  She suggested we get some American beer in but there are limits.  That said, the decidedly un-country Sierra Nevada Pale Ale is rather good and available from Waitrose.  They also do Sam Adams but that is even further, taste-wise from the gassy, low-alcohol, watery stuff most Americans seem to drink.. Nashville has a number of craft beers (and American craft beers can be very good indeed) but you can't get them in Britain.

Nashville nearly got cancelled after season two and was threatened with a short run for season 3 but just last week it has been renewed for a fourth season.  So many more episodes of industry back-stabbing, agonised partner swapping (and the odd song) ahead.  Yee haw. 

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