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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Hot at Waterloo!

So, it was the hottest day in London for nearly ten years the week before last and we have had some more very hot days this week.  Looks like Triple P chose the wrong month to go back to commuting because as we and most of the other men sweltered in wool suits and long sleeved shirts most of the women were dressed as if they were off to the beach! Now, we admit that we are now across the river from the City but hot pants and cotton vests (tanks for North Americans) as appropriate work wear? Thigh, shoulder and back revealing sun dresses? Plunging necklines? It is not only inappropriate it is, much more importantly, not fair! 

Women should, of course, have to wear to work what men do, as we struggle in 100 degree heat on the Underground, slog along baking streets and overcrowded boiling trains on the way home.  No air conditioning of course.  Waterloo Station has a glass roof so gets particularly hot by the end of the day.

Still, of course, we cannot really complain about the displays and we are very much registering legs as this summer's erogenous zone.  All of these shots were taken in the early evening at Waterloo.

Splendid! (But still not fair!)


  1. A lighter non-wool Italian suit Triple P.....and a visit to the upstairs bar, which offers a nice view of the station concourse....cheers!

    1. Yes, a young lady took me there for the first time quite recently! I do need a lighter weight suit although not much use for the other 350 days of the year!