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Monday, November 2, 2015

Goodbye Kirsty

Triple P's autumn is always enlivened by the tacky glitter of BBC's Strictly Come Dancing (of which the US's Dancing with the Stars is a licensed copy).  As ever, we always hope for a good complement of terpsichorean totty, although on the whole the more attractive women don't appeal to Strictly's target audience.  

This year, in a far from stellar line up (Strictly producers claim that they are running out of likely celebrities after 150 have appeared in the show so far) Kirsty  Gallacher was one of the few "celebrities" we had heard of.  In reality, of course, the budget has no doubt been slashed as fearful BBC bigwigs worry about the loss of the licence fee (over their expense account lunches in the 5 star Langham Hotel ,opposite BBC Broadcasting House on Regent Street).

The Sky Sports frontwoman, Kirsty, kicked off her Strictly campaign (perhaps unwisely, given the average size and sex of most Strictly fans) by stripping off for a women's health magazine.  And at 39, pretty good she looked too.

Gallacher is the daughter of Scottish golf professional and Ryder Cup captain Bernard Gallacher and although she was born in Edinburgh was brought up in millionaires' golf ghetto Wentworth, in Surrey, about thirty minutes drive from where Triple P lives.

She attended St Georges School in Ascot, now a girl's school but previously a boys' school which was attended by Winston Churchill.  Other recent former pupils include Princess Beatrice (Prince Andrew's daughter),  Lady Louise Windsor (Prince Edward's daughter) and Lady Davina Lewis and Lady Rose Gilman (daughters of the Duke of Gloucester).  So it's not exactly an inner city comprehensive.

She attended the London College of Fashion intending to be a fashion journalist but instead was spotted by a Sky Sports executive (what did he see in her, we ask?) and began working as a production assistant.

Two years later she started presenting Sky Sports news and since then has had many presenting jobs on TV, winning the Best Newcomer at the Royal Television Society Television Sports Awards in 1998.

Recently, she has got divorced and some seem to think that her constant whining about how hard it is to cope with this was one of the contributory factors in her being the first woman to be kicked out of Strictly.  That and the fact that she danced like an ironing board.

Still, we cannot criticise someone who is so lovely and she has an astoundingly good body which she looks after very well, releasing a workout video in 2005.

So, Agent Triple P will find his Strictly viewing that bit less appealing going forward, following Kirsty's relatively early departure (and, as ever, there are some far worse but more popular dancers still in the show).


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