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Monday, February 8, 2016

Super Bowl 50

The Broncos' cheerleaders appear to be inspired by one of those Victorian post bacchanalian paintings

A rather strange (and dull unless you like linebackers) Super Bowl (peculiarly monikered as 50 rather than L) with favourites Carolina looking totally bewildered by the big game.  Peyton Manning  (surely his last game?) seemed to be firing on only five cylinders but his defensive unit was so dominant he just had to go through the motions anyway  The much vaunted Cam Newton, who has been spectacular all season, looked like a rabbit in headlights throughout.  

The sprawling Levi's Stadium (how crass naming the stadium after sponsors sounds but it seems ubiquitous these days) lacks that close in atmosphere (not to say swirling winds) that existed at Candlestick Park where Triple P went to watch the Forty-Niners in 2006.  

Not a natural blonde in sight

Lady Gaga's did a surprisingly fine job on the national anthem but the half time show was diabolical.  Despite them being British, I realised that I didn't know any of Coldplay's music at all.  They do seem to be a bit dull and stylistically a poor style match for a chunky looking Beyoncé (doing a politically inappropriate song) and the irritating Bruno Mars, who always looks like a low rent Michael Jackson tribute act.

Even the cheerleaders were disappointing, with a suspicion that they were covering up more than usual due to current NFL sensitivities about domestic abuse from some of its players (good grief,  steroidal monsters from one of the world's most aggressive sports sometimes get aggressive at home, shock).

I was pleased that Denver won as they are a team I have seen play live (in London).  I also have less time for expansion teams (basically, Tampa Bay onwards) as they just don't have the heritage of the classic teams (and usually have nasty looking uniforms!).  Although Denver aren't a really classic team like the Bears, Packers, Eagles or Giants they are at least as old as Triple P!


Both Alessandria Ambrosio and Adriana Lima from the Victoria's Secret football team, which we featured on Venus Observations the other day, were at the game, we noticed.


  1. You poor soul, 06 9ers were not good...but better than 015 9ers. Candlestick Park's best weather was during football season; sun and fun even if the 9ers sucked. The weather for SF Giants baseball games at the stick is true to Mark Twain's "coldest winter was a summer in San Francisco" quip. SB 50 was a snoozer.

  2. Triple P...I could not agree more. The game was a yawn fest like so many big sporting occasions these days, FA Cup Finals and World Cup Finals etc. The commercialisation of the game and the tiresome build up to the big event seems to drain players of their spontaneity and as a result they 'freeze'on the day. Denver won because they had been there before and could handle the big occasion.
    Coldplay continued the 'yawn fest' into the half time show and I was only awakened from my slumbers by Beyonce's overtly politicised (dancers dressed as black panthers, 'Malcolm' X imagery, b herself wearing gold studded 'ammunition'belts across her chest on on her arms)half time show. I am surprised the millions tuned in across America were not more outraged by all this political pirouetting. Truly a woman of many contradictions!
    Lastly, again I am in complete agreement with you, Lady Gaga was the surprising star turn of the night. The national anthem at these events is usually a hospital pass but Lady Gaga knocked it out of the park.