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Sunday, June 5, 2016

The Hemsley Sisters...demoted!

After our post on the diabolical Hemsley sisters a couple of weeks ago, we are delighted to see in the news that that their annoying, nutritionally dubious TV cooking programme has been moved from Monday to the less prestigious Friday nights because of plummeting ratings. 

TV executives believe that Friday is a graveyard slot for programmes because everyone is out on Friday night (well, TV executives are; looking for biodynamic dinner in Islington) so this is a big negative against their chances of getting a second series. 

In addition, real cooks and nutritionists are pointing out that the Hemsleys have no training in either cooking or nutrition and that their fixation on dropping some types of food from your diet (basically anything that tastes nice) leaves you not getting enough nutrients. 

I am sure that it was their deluded espousal of a spinach infested "full monty" cooked breakfast that put paid to their reputations more than anything else. No second series for you I think! Spralise that, twittering twiglets!

Anyway, here are some pictures of Jasmine Hemsley when she was a model and before she started torturing vegetables.  She looks quite nice; unlike her diabolical excuse for food.

She was scouted by a model agency in the Bentalls Centre, a shopping mall in Kingston, the nearest big town to where Triple P lives.  In fact Triple P's mother worked in Bentalls Department store in the fifties.  Even more scary Jasmine Hemsley went to Tiffin Girls School as did our mother!  

Both sisters come from Surbiton, less than seven miles from where Triple P lives now.  Doesn't stop us despising their awful food and twittering delivery, though.

"Buy our book! Buy our Book!"  Frankly, my dears, I 'd rather eat Kim Jung Un's vomit than one of your green infested recipes.

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