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Friday, March 18, 2016

Congratulations Victoria Pendleton!

Congratulations to the Legatus' favourite cyclist, Victoria Pendleton, for confounding the naysayers and finishing fifth out of 22 riders in the Foxhunter Chase at Cheltenham today, Britain's top amateur jumps race.  Hopefully, this will shut up people like the author of the snide, condescending and sexist article in the Daily Mail yesterday, who reckoned she would do well to stay on her horse for a couple of jumps. 

Amazingly, she had never even sat on a horse until a year ago but she is a world class sportswoman with multiple Olympic gold medal winning credentials. By the end of the race, on a very un-fancied horse with dubious staying power, she was racing to win and thundering up through the field like, well, like Victoria Pendleton on a cycling track.  She was not just riding to get around the course, which is what many people in the horse racing world seemed to be implying would have been her only realistic target. No wonder she says it's one of her greatest achievements!

Well done Victoria!