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Thursday, April 28, 2016

The Return of Jessica Ennis-Hill's stomach

So, it's a hundred days to the start of the Rio Olympics and no doubt the amiable Brazilian police will be preparing their plans to scoop up beggars and homeless children with mechanical diggers, a la Soylent Green, in advance. Triple P has only been to Brazil once and found it a ghastly place with a nasty atmosphere of imminent violence pervading the streets.  It's one of those countries, like India, which despite aspects of it being as developed as any nations anywhere, the huge numbers of grindingly poor people will forever torpedo any efforts to become a fully developed nation. 

Nice arms too!

Anyway, the Great Britain team has unveiled it's new team uniform, as designed by Stella McCartney. Who better to demonstrate the abbreviated athletics gear than current Olympic and World Heptathlon champion, the lovely Jessica Ennis-Hill and her lovely tummy, which was the official erogenous zone of the London Olympics four years ago..

Go Jessica!