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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Club Beer in Monrovia...

Agent Triple P is in Liberia at present and when in a new country (this is the 67th we have visited) we like to drink the local beer.  Here in Liberia we have the Monrovia brewed (although using European hops and malt) Club Beer.  This is really not a bad lager at all and has rather more body and taste than the Botswana equivalent we had a few months ago.

Monrovia Breweries Incorporated is celebrating its 55th anniversary this year and having put behind them a bad civil war and a major Ebola outbreak we are very happy to support Liberia's local brewing industry, which provides much needed employment in this very poor country, rather than buying any of the selection of foreign beers on sale at the hotel.

We had our first one in the really rather chi chi bar at the top of our (very good) hotel.  Since then we have had quite a few more!